Hey I’am Haya and yo yo yo this is my Mini Tumblr Awards 2 ya’ll :D !! ….. so as i noticed there’s so many blogs changed from rosy but on the other hand there is so many new amazing blogs so i thought of redoing my winners list :) 

  • Rules 

 ♡ Must be following me (roseulla) …i can’t force you though but there’s      no chance for you to be one of my winners if not 

♡ Reblog this post as much as you can (you can like only to bookmark)

♡ Have a fab blog ^_^

  • The Awards 

♡ best url (2x)

♡ best banner (2x)

♡ best posts 

♡ best uploads 

♡ best theme 

♡ best html edits 

♡ best Christmas theme edit (2x)

♡ best One Direction blog 

♡ best overall (bronze)

♡ best overall (silver)

♡ best overall (gold)

  • Christmas Gifts

♡ 4 random follow backs (other than my winners)

♡ 2 perf screenies

♡ 2 lucky solos

  • Other

♡ All the winners will be on a special page on my blog seen by x,xxx

♡ I will follow back all my winners daaaa (if i’am not already)

♡ I will announce the winners this Sunday and message them all :)

♡ For any other explanation i’am here at your service 24/7 so talk 2 me !

Merry Christmas & Happy Reblogging Gawges People !!


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